Taoyuan Municipality meetings and presentation

Department of Environmental Protection Director General, Taoyuan, LU Li-Teh PhD

We enjoyed meeting with Department of Environmental Protection Director General, Taoyuan, LU Li-Teh PhD. He is actually, originally an academic, professor at the University teaching Environmental Engineering, he also worked as a journalists for many years before joining the government 7 months ago. He knew all the statistics of Taoyuan and the great challenges it faces as a rapidly urbanizing and industrial city.

Deputy Secretary-General, CHIOU Jiunn-Ming

Very good discussion with Deputy Secretary-General, CHIOU Jiunn-Ming with the team of the Youth Division. The Deputy Secretary-General was very kind to share with us his hopes and concerns about the future and attend my presentation in the afternoon despite his busy schedule.

Taoyuan City Hall

The City Hall of Taoyuan is fantastic. The waiting room is essentially a cafe, elderly and robots greet children, you can even get a quick massage on the ground floor - I mean - what else could you ask for!?

Into Future Presentation and Panel Discussion

Photos in this section by Ted Hung of FabLab Taipei

The video of the 40 minutes presentation is online on facebook here.

My presentation was followed with a panel with

From the Youth Facebook account 桃園青創指揮部.

【TED研究員暨行動家來台演講 直播預告】

在我們努力讓智慧城市與智慧生活成真的過程中,環境永續、節能減碳、翻轉汙染是不能夠輕忽的議題,也是青年新創展示實力、創造新局的機會!TED研究員暨行動家Cesar Jung-Harada因為2011年的墨西哥灣漏油汙染事件得到啟發,開啟他變身新創、成為創客的道路。【INTO FUTURE趨勢講堂】邀請Mr. Jung-Harada首度來台,分享國際新創觀點,邀請您現場或直播參與,一起創造綠色永續未來!

直播時段:8.27 15:45-16:30


Cesar Jung-Harada

Mr. Jung-Harada目前同時在香港大學任教、擔任Maker Bay總監,是名活躍於工程、發明及社會企業界的設計師。他在麻省理工學院(MIT)擔任研究員及項目主管時期,接觸到2011年墨西哥灣BP漏油事故,啟發他辭掉夢想中的工作,搬到新奧爾良,研發更有效率的清除海上油污方法。他設計出一種操作性強、又可彎曲的船:Protei,迅速而有效地清理污染。但最終,Mr. Jung-Harada沒有把這個發明轉換成一個僅用來獲利的商品,而是選擇開放設計,將知識分享他人。