Taiwan Makerspaces pt2

1. Taipower building / [New Existence: The Birth of Circular Manufacturing]

From the event facebook page: “The first step of the company’s established impression of the power company is the electric glue project of “Creating Crossover and Living with Power”. Through the cooperation with designers, we will define the regenerative value of materials together with cross-border thinking and creativity. This project was initiated by Taipower Wenchuang. It first deconstructed and analyzed the material materials of the power supply network. After understanding the material characteristics and production context, it began to conduct material experiments and product development. Thus, a series of practical objects with experimental spirit of recycling manufacturing have been created.

After the "live charging" material experiment process, Taipower Wenchuang is preparing to take the second step beyond the established impression, namely "design diversion, cycle manufacturing". In addition to continuing to promote material experimentation, through the partnership with the design community, we will work together to design the rich resources and assets that Taipower itself has.

Adhering to the principle of cooperation developed from the implementation - participation, communication, perception, and collaboration - Taipower Wenchuang's design diversion, not only expects to continue to lead the public to understand the different styles of Taipower, but also hopes to be able to guide the pace steadily and solidly Design energy flows to every step of Taipower.
This exhibition is not only the organization and sharing of the achievements of Taipower Wenchuang, but also a design experiment that is based on the beginning and the future - from life charging to design diversion.

存在新存在• Field|Taiwan Building Deputy Building People's Art Gallery
⚡️ New Existence • Time|6/19~8/23 Monday to Saturday/9:00-18:00

主办 Organizer| Taiwan Electric Power Company
░ Execution Unit| Taipower cultural and creative
░ curatorial units | FabCraft Design Lab

2. FabLab Taipei

Fablab Taipei is an open space that promotes the use of digital manufacturing tools, and encourages the implementation of a community of knowledge and knowledge sharing, so that everyone can become a "self-created". Machine list and course on appointments: http://fablabtaipei.org

  • Location: 3G9C+XP Zhongshan District, Taipei City

  • Address: Fablab Taipei 台北自造實驗室, 104, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, 玉門街1號自造者協 | https://g.co/kgs/GhTvZX

3. Excelsior Learning centre

  • Address: 3rd Floor, No. 1, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Da'an District, Taipei, Taiwan 10684

We met with Ms. Zoe Chuang

4. FabCafe Taipei

5. FabLab Taoyuan