AI Space Factory visit at ICC Hong Kong

One day, humans may be a multi-planetary specie. Perhaps in our lifetime. How would that look like?

AI* Space Factory won the NASA Centennial Challenge with "MARSHA" and is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for its terrestrial version "TERA".

Our group from the HKU BASc Design+ and MakerBay members were extremely lucky to be given a comprehensive tour (47 minutes) by the leader of the project David Malott himself. The building in which AI* Space Factory was exhibited was the ICC, a building David Malott participated the design, engineering and construction having worked at KPF as Principal, being the Chairman of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. So let’s take a tour!

To follow their developments, see the AI Space Factory website:

Visiting this amazing exhibition reminded me of several projects:

  1. Ceramic Constellation Pavillion

Project Leaders: Christian J. Lange, Donn Holohan, Holger Kehne, all affiliated with the University of Hong Kong, Department of Architecture.
Project page:

2. Open Source Ecology Brick Press

Video of the brick press in action:

3. Clinostat for plant growth in microgravity experiments

MakerBay built several clinostats for Stamford American International School, to compare the growth of multiple crops in a microgravity environment.

We are inspired and excited with the work of AI and the Space Factory. We would love to get involved in such fascinating and challenging projects.