Qiyun Singapore Deloitte Environment


? How do you know Sammie? We both very active in the environment

? Public policy, urban geographies

Sustainability consultant, typically Deloitte style Instagram, comics from environment, science communication Design UI Science Comm

Teach science through play

Place making Tray returning Playground


Environment actions Government does not want to fund when there is no scale Not willing to fund project without scale Design grant don't want scale, they want research

We cannot protest Lots of things We don't know if

Self Censorship Art & Design

There are always people There is not enough people time, money

I feel stuck in Singapore Trying to experiment Jakarta has a big plastic and art

Circular SG could easily How do we hack that

University get a lot of legitimacy Science Centre is more freedom Social entreprise inside science centre

Veera startup works for him Government respects you

Father is marine engineering

Rooftop gardening Grants from Real Estate They sell kits Beyond
Mini Wiz Looking for hire Temasek is into them

Design and sustainability?

? What do you do? Who are the most creative interesting innovative people you know in Singapore? What are their challenges?