DuckDAO looks to democratize the early-stage investment space by sourcing and securing potentially lucrative investment opportunities for its expansive community; colloquially known Ducks.

As far as crypto fundraising platforms go, DuckDAO is a unique case — there’s really nothing else like it. You can think of it as a decentralized VC investment platform, where the only qualification necessary to gain access to vetted, highly sought-after projects is holding a specific token — known as DuckDaoDime (DDIM).

By holding fixed amounts of DDIM, users gain access to the DuckDAO inner communities, where they can access propitious, often exclusive deals before anyone else.

As a community-powered crypto incubator, DuckDAO allows practically anybody to both invest in promising early-stage crypto startups and also share a hand in its success by assisting with user-acquisition and marketing. This model has proven to be extraordinarily effective, with its incubation projects — including the likes of Bondly and Base Protocol — generating massive returns for investors.

Besides its community-powered incubator, DuckDAO also operates a public token sale launchpad known DuckSTARTER. Through DuckSTARTER, holders of DUCK DLP ($DUCK) tokens can participate in the final token sale round before projects launch on public exchanges.

DuckDAO is committed to ensuring DuckSTARTER works on a first-come-first-served (FCFS) basis, ensuring all participants have an equal chance of success in obtaining an investment allocation. Unveiled last month, DuckSTARTER was met with immediate success, and all projects launched through the platform have generated incredible returns; with Shadows ($DOWS) alone generating a maximum return of 42.9x for participants.


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