Your Life Is Your Movie So Direct It

What is creativity? Where does it come from? What is it good for? Why does it even matter? 25 minutes to watch us explore these questions. If you cannot watch it here, you might have to go on vimeo - no tricks, I promise.


How lucky am I to appear in this singular docufiction about creativity, "Creativity is: " “原來我 (25分鐘紀錄片)” by my brilliant friend Sharon Yeung, Director of Singing Cicadas? I need to also thank Fanny Pernoud and Olivier Bonnet of Improbable Productions for some of the borrowed footage. And Ron Tan and his incredible gang for making this magic happen. It was such a privilege and a delight to hang out with the crew. Oh, and they also made a snazzy website:

Allow me to add a few words, to clarify…


As the great philosopher and poet Dizzee Rascal [almost] puts it:

"your life is your movie so direct it"

To hear the quote, go to 2:30 :D. I expressed different sentiments, that I would like to rephrase here:

“The perception that others have of me, shall never define me".


"I, can do, anything."

And that one is inspired from one of my favorite video promoting Khan Academy, with its motto “you can learn anything” - please watch this too, it’s really short and gives me shivers every single time. When speaking, I remember thinking about the theory of the "heroic imagination", a term invented by Philip Zimbardo and localized by a hero of mine, Suleiman Bahkit - who passed away recently.


"Creativity is not what takes you out of reality. It is your access to reality"

I guess I walk in the footsteps of Husserl and the Phenomenologists (Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty).

"We are NOT living in a simulation." No.I disagree with Elon Musk on this, but because it is currently fashionable to flaunt such rhetoric, I make a point to disprove it - in a brief manner.

The world is as real as it gets. We are imaginative creatures. To the extent that each of us perceives the same world in an entirely different way. In that sense, the world appears to be a simulation to each of us. Our imagination is how we interact with reality. With our beliefs, our religions, our science, our emotional, psychological, cultural, socio-economic, race, gender, age, hormonal, stress, mood biases. Suggesting that we are all living in one simulation unaware of the real world out there is a fallacy, the product of a delusional mind denying the reality of reality, the truth of truth, the meaning of meaning. Sorry.

Sharon (the film-maker) is so cool, that she took what she learnt from making this movie (that the greatest act of creativity is to become oneself) and now making a second film about how to become oneself. Check her website. And keep her on your awesomeness radar. That movie topic she’s working on right now, reminded me of this video about Nietzsche…

Become who you are…. Enjoy yourself!