Wade Millington, CTF School in Guangdong



  1. Wade Millington: Australian Primary School teacher. Taught kindergarten. head of a Kindergarten, primary school education. 5 years in curriculum development. A couple of years in Myanmar, Bangkok, Nanjing. My expertise is understanding Chinese Education. Been in Hong Kong 5 months, working for CTF
  2. Jennifer: Chief Strategic Officer: Strategic. Big on big projects. She's from Hong Kong. they put together an airplane. Whole school big projects
  3. Jennifer: Owner


CTF Jewellery Chow Tai Fuk

CTF They also own K11

Education Group, school

Victoria International School

Delia International School

He's the curriculum Director for new schools in Greater Bay

What this project is about?

K12 school in China, with Innovation center and Art Center

CTF will choose an international school brand to operate

They want the British System. NOT IB. So they have standards for different subjects

School situation

Location: Guangdong

They Purchased the land

They have the land

Open in Sep 2022

Would come under an International School brand

21 st century skills

OECD, Education Report 2030

How do we teach Empathy?

  • Curricular
  • Extra Curricular
  • Holiday Program




Chinese + International Curriculum

Low English Staff

No expertise

Parents send their kids to NOT DO THE CHINESE EXAM

Most students will go to study abroad

"I want my child to be happy" - they used to say "I want my child to learn as much as possible". That's because of the rising middle class.

Big Project

Small kids x Bigger kids

Working together

  • Plastic pollution
    • Age:
      • Young
    • Discipline
  • Air pollution
  • Coral Reef

Leverage the company

  • Recycling of precious metal from electronics
    • Gold, Silver, Graphite, Sapphire
  • Battery technology
    • EV
    • Renewables

Wade Millington

Empathy: identify a problem


Team work


Advisory role

Makerspace setup


2 months from now: present the options to the board and they will decide who they want to contract

Proposal Summary

Curriculum Design (250K)

  • Inter discipline + Inter age group projects
  • Related to environment / Social issue
  • Connected to their core expertise
  • Ambitious, large scale

Design the space (200K)

Train the teachers (500K)

Design the data infrastructure (300K)

  1. Inspiration: Blog posts
  2. Skills: Certificates
  3. Projects with Impact Innovation

Run the first workshops in 2022 (1000K)

  1. Air quality
  2. Biodiversity Mapping
  3. Battery technology
    1. EV
    2. Renewable storage
    3. Drone
  4. The Future of mining rare earth metals
  5. Plastic in the ocean
  6. Coral Reef mapping

Next: meeting in Person

Meet in person at MakerBay Tsuen Wan, proposed times:

  1. Mon 28, 10:30 - 19:00
  2. Tue 29, 10:30 - 19:00
  3. Wed 30, 10:30 - 19:00



Slides we can show them when they come




And of course Impact Innovation theory