Tu Eindhoven / HKU Design+ Exchange

T/u Eindhoven meeting went very well with Prof Jun Hu and Prof Pierre Levy. T/u Eindhoven is has a great design school with a very long history with PHILIPS and mirrors the Greater Bay with the "Brainport" the "fastest IOT and AI manufacturing hub in Europe".

The structure of their program is a little different: 3 years Bachelors + 2 years Master. The Bachelor students can do exchange in the first semester of their third year. Master students can do exchanges in the first semester of their first year.

The structure of the course and learning outcomes similar to ours: 1. Technology and realization, 2. Mass Data computing, 3. Business and Entrepreneurship, Leadership, 4. User and Society, Societal Issues, Behaviour, 5. Creativity, Aesthetics, Ethics. Most of the learning is Challenge-based and often with external industrial sponsors / partners.

Overall they seem very keen to work with us. Tu Delft partners with PolyU. Working with them would be very nice fit. Next step: connect the deans.

Magic words: Emerging Technologies: IoT, Ai, Robotics, Biotech, Material Science. And Business, entrepreneurship.

Design "Systemic Change" by Prof Levy and Hu: https://www.tue.nl/en/research/research-groups/systemic-change/

They want to come to Hong Kong in Dec for this international conference where we could meet them: https://iasdr.net/


Built environment

Industrial Design

  • Emerging Technologies: Iot, Robotic, AI
  • Business Development
  • Hong Kong and "magic" place for the Dutch Students, Greater Bay

Sep 2022 -

Pairs: Balance the numbers

Tu Delft

Department of Design T/u Eindhoven

Pierre Levy

An innovative way of teaching

Basic mandatory course:

  1. Technology and realisation.
  2. Mass Data computing
  3. Business and Entrepreneurship, Leadership
  4. User and Society, societal issues, Behaviour
  5. Creativity, Aesthetics. Ethics

Choice of a catalog of electives.

Personal Development Plan

End of Semester, compare with the plan.


  • Mathematics
  • Electric engineering
  • Philosophy

Brain Port, Eindhoven

Fastest growing industrial area in Europe

3 Years BA 2 Years Master

Internship, Exchange

1st semester of 3rd year.


1st semester, of first year.

Format is fairly open

Jun Hu

  1. Integration of technology & business user and design
  2. Challenge-based learning. Not in classroom

Japan, Taiwan, Australia, no in New Zealand

Faculty-arrangement, business of the deans

MOU between the Deans and International Offices. Involved discussions and visits.


  • Send all students?
    • Minor, Internship, or exchange. Masters must have international experience
  • Stay on campus, live in the City?
    • Residence on campus, fairly new. Many students share apartments in the city. Facilitated by associations. Dutch universities do not have dormitories, run by business.
  • Partnership
    • PHILIPS, Project from time to time. Depends on the assignment
  • Language
    • All in English, minimum level. IELTS 6.5, TOEFL: 90, 21 in each
  • Credit
    • Business of the Dean
  • Reporting
    • They need to

We know

Design Approach

Prof Jun Hu



Industrial Design



Dr. Jun Hu is a Senior Member of ACM, currently an Associate Professor in Design Research on Social Computing, and the Scientific Director for the Professional Doctorate in Engineering program in User System Interaction at Department of Industrial Design (ID) , Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), a Distinguished Adjunct Professor at Jiangnan University and a Guest Professor at Zhejiang University. He was the head of the Designed Intelligence of ID TU/e from 2015 to 2017.  He is currently the chair of the working group “Art and Entertainment” of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) TC14 (Technical Committee on Entertainment Computing). He is the coordinator of the TU/e DESIS Lab in the DESIS network (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability). He serves the editorial boards of several international journals such as Information, International Journal of Arts and Technology, and EAI Transactions on Creative Technologies. He has more than 260 peer-reviewed publications with an H-Index of 25 in conferences and journals in the field of social cyber-physical systems,  IoT, HCI, industrial design, computer science and design education.



Dr. Jun Hu has a PhD in Industrial Design and a Professional Doctorate in User-system Interaction, both from TU/e. He has also a B.Sc in Mathematics and an M.Eng in Computer Science. He is a System Analyst and a Senior Programmer with the qualifications from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. From 2006 to 2007 he served as the Secretary-General for The Association of Chinese Scholars and Engineers in the Netherlands (VCWI) and from 2008 to 2009 as the Chairman.

  1. MIT, Boston, USA: No solid response yet - need to send reminder, and perhaps find another entry point.
  2. RISD, Rodhe Island, USA: Not found the right inside partner yet - need to send reminder
  3. Parsons, New York USA: responded, but they have not come back to us yet.
  4. Stanford, San Francisco, USA: not responded yet. Already sent a reminder. Can send another one.
  5. ENSCI, Paris, France: Need to send the factsheet, pretty positive overall
  6. Tu Eindhoven, The Netherlands: Need to connect the deans overall very positive
  7. Central Saint Martins, London, UK: Seems possible, low energy at this stage
  8. Tokyo University, Japan: No response yet - need to send reminder