Treehouse or Ocean House


Living on tree tops or living on a kelp forest?

I thought about this because I was doing some research about fish farms in Hong Kong and at the same time, I came across this through my old friend in Paris Montreuil:


"Le Vaisseau Montreuil, est un laboratoire de création hybride qui héberge des artistes, des artisans, des musiciens, une cuisine collective…" Photo by "Okin H'salak Kalash Niko"


So what came to my mind is that a treehouse and a fish farm have a lot in common!

And the psychological value proposition are similar: the desire to be somewhere somewhat isolated, a little place to dream, a bubble, out of society for most people.

But I like to think of such a place as a nexus, a place that's hyper-connected, of convergence, the future, not the past. The

is also that.

But this idea is not resistance like the heroic youth that protect forests, but propose a better future for all.

But I don't think it should be reduced to :

Utopia with no business model = a sweet dream Utopia with a business model = an enterprise

There is a third way, of the commons. Not everything should be commoditized.

Being in Hong Kong where fish farming is considered a diying industry, lots of opportunities for young people that are willing to work hard...

More soon...