Tom Barry

How to shift from in-person to online?

  • On-Campus, big empty campus
  • Out in the community,
  • Live-streaming
  • Videoblog

Empty rooms Groups of 2 or 4, depending on the regulation of the moment

Do some of it in person


Make it shorter

Team Building activities

  • Speakers Potentially professionals Ask for feedback
  • Budget

== Phase 1 == Cesar Jung-Harada Tom Barry Lucy Jordan Sustainability, added value, time commitment. Trying something ambitious. There will be teething problems. Budget, Other heads of BASc

Who is going to do what? Teaching assistant, line of defence between Sustainability

== Phase 2 == BASc Society ToastMaster HackSoc


Google room Slack Threads GIFs


  • Cesar
  • Samantha
  • Colin & Sarah
  • Mya Kwan