Sustainable Leadership prep meeting, Helen, Lucy, Tom, Marty

Teaching online Student Leadership 7 weeks teaching and tutorial Service learning projects Leadership within groups, self-reflection personal reflection, personal campus goal



  • Manpower TAs HACsoc Toast master Leadership
  • Calling with Marty Sharing teachers
  • Doing work, reflecting on how it is done, how we wish it was done Minecraft, mural, miro, menti Sarah Shewey Search mind maps (check with TELI)
  • Budget

BASc has TAs who are underloaded


  1. Speaker
  2. Making sure the speakers are "camera-ready"
  3. How to deliver it

  • TRIANGLE <<<<<

Contact CETL, TELI (1) CETL Pedagogy *Susanne Bridges, Director **** Cecilia Chan, Engineering background (2) TELI (Tech) **** Leon Lei Sharon

(3) Faculty *** Tracy Zhou, Student research Program, from

I want a PhD student who can be a TA They would have disciplinary expertise (available, interested, domain knowledge) - Education Faculty, online teaching