Splash Hong Kong

License HK Marine department : ok

Mooring: 2000$/mooring. Permission to set up 100k possible to set a mooring here: https://goo.gl/maps/QBAT7x7xGWUW5k2N7

Motor: Gardner, same as buses. 2000 RPM. Hoi ha 2 to 3 hrs, 1 week autonomy. 2000$ Is one week going out everyday. 7, 8 knots.

Hull: good maintenance

What kind of boat? School? Pleasure vessels with guests,

Capacity: 33 guests, including captain and boatboy

Builder certificate: made in Hk, fabriqué par une banque Allemande

Insurance: 25$ / motor.

Motor IMO certified

Shipping and insurance documents: company to insure tanks, people, with

Operator or Pleasure license

How many people can be on board level 2 (under 2000 hp)

VHF: OFCA 150$

Maps: digital and paper from marine “eseago”


Annual maintenance: jimmy in Aberdeen, woodwork. Usually in Jan, Feb.

Full maintenance: 100k

Varnish, anti fouling: 25-40k

Sampan: 10$ par trajet, 20$ late, 100$ on call

Darrel has an agreement with the 4m deep swimming pool. Li po Chung college

Compressor is new