Seeed Studio for Floating Marine Laboratory, Virtual Teaching, Manufacturing Gluons



Hello dear Eric, Violet and Shuyang,

Happy Chinese New Year!

I wish you and your loved ones the best. I hope COVID did not hurt your business too bad!

I would like to buy some LORA Sensecap equipment from you guys! The project is to build a Floating Marine Laboratory to grow Oysters. Last year we built a prototype:

This year we want to improve and start collecting and broadcasting data with Seeed IOT and sensor solution.

  • Where? Hong Kong waters (4G available)
  • What do we want to measure? Temperature (1 for air temperature, 2 underwater with long cable), Barometry, humidity, Brightness, Wind speed, Wind direction, motion sensor, Ph, rain, Co2, Liquid level, Air pollution, Salinity
  • 4G GSM router? Yes
  • LORA Gateway? Yes.
  • Solar power? Yes, I will need to buy a solar panel, charge controller, battery
  • Software? Yes
  • App? Yes, if possible
  • Time? Deployment in early April

I am working with Prof Rajan and the goal is to improve oyster culture.

Oysters help to clean the water, reduce water pollution, improve oxygen levels in water, they help against coastal erosion and storm surges (read help against sea-level rise), they provide income for oyster farmers. For now, it's a university project - but my boss is not supportive, so I might end up paying myself...

In the future, beyond oyster culture, I would like to use this platform as a

1. Weather station  2. Air quality station  3. Produce electricity and hydrogen (solar, wind -> Hydrogen conversion) 4. Providing LoRa (and mine Helium) 5. Deploy ocean drones - of course

Who should I talk to prepare this order? I want to make sure, I order all the parts required. I know it's CNY, so it's not the best time... Please let me know what's the best way to proceed forward :)HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !!ALL MY BEST WISHES!!!


PS:We've been building :

1. plastic collecting robots under the "Clearbot" brand (my former student is the CEO) : 2. Our Coral Reef mapping robot is making progress on the AI / Computer vision side: Next sprint for R&D is this summer, we want to manufacture at a small scale (<100 units) - might need your help! 3. I miss coming to Shenzhen!!! I miss you guys!!!! I follow you online! 4. MakerBay might be moving to a different building in May/June 5. I'm going to be resuming my PhD in Engineering starting Aug 6. Oh, we're building Cambodia largest Innovation space in Phnom Penh: We may want to export Seeed there too! Do you guys partner with MakeBlock?

Main base

Weather station with 4G

LORA Gateway





LORA Gateway, 4G sensecap server, Chirpstack


Sensecap probes

Sensor Hub 2G, 4G

40 different Sensors

Rechargeable / Solar


Range 2 to 10 km

Node has built-in battery

3 to 6 years

Sensor log data power 1/h 2 weeks on a battery, with no sunlight

12V DC


Most frequent interval is 5m

Sensor Hub

Sensecap 1




Not selling

Seeed worked with Particle

Existing similar experiment in Poly U