Samantha Suppiah, leadership styles

Power is about networks

Capitalism is incompatible with the way ecosystems work. Yet Capitalism is where we are today.

Nothing we know about our civilisation

Deep adaptation narrative

Build social resilience

Trust, building empathy, compassion

Stepping outside of your comfort zone

P2P foundation

Changing things every half hour Bring a much wider network on knowledge

Build relationships Online facilitation course

Curation of behaviour Share your camera Mute yourself when Eat Pyjama be present. focused. without disrupting others.

Video checkin

  • Social sustainability: Someone else has done, continue it
  • Economic: Asset
  • Environment sustainability: Carbon capture,
  • Political sustainable value:

Solar water tank Compost

Value Perceived value Accounted Value


WO Mic

Speakers, invite panels, create value in discussion

Introverted leadership Asian / Japanese

<no> North: power South: drive East: centralised West: decentralised </no>