Safecast 10 years anniversary, March 13th


March 13th Online event


  1. Safecast car driving, 9:00 - 8:00, entering the exclusion zone. Futaba 17:00, Great project measuring radiation β†’ Europeans, 20:00 - 24:00 β†’ USA
  2. Guests, call on people
  3. Pre-recorded content, Till Machiyaki


  1. Connect past and the future
  2. Community
  3. 10 years after Fukushima
  4. Launch new product "the Air Node"
  5. Launch new product "B Geigie Zen"
  6. Launch new component I-rover replacement
  7. Fund-raising, small donations
  8. Sponsors
  9. Ticket sales - for being in the session

Release Air Quality Sensors


Get Air Quality Influencers

  • HK Sonalie Green Queen, Henri Arselanian, in the water, I am asked to design a HK Citizen Science Program. SWIRE Marine Education Institute
  • Taiwan: Alex & Jackie (has Asthma)
  • India: Air Pollution COVID19
  • France: Romain Lacombe,
  • Singapore: Jacqui Hocking, Patsian, Rebekah Lin,
  • Australia: Dave Lim
  • USA: Stefanie Santoso, Erica Kochi, Shah Selbe, Stefania Druga,

What can we pitch to influencers? YES

You get this really excellent real-time air quality sensor

  • good for your health
  • Sharing sata, so helps policy makers

B Geigie Zen


Same quality, cheaper, Removable battery, simpler circuit, display, more sensors, new power

Social Media Networking

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