Prof Alcocer - Nice to meet you

Your research

Industrial Applications: Do you see your technology in the commercial world?

I like to develop tools for scientists


What potential do you see in our collaboration?

My field of expertise is marine robotics. Open to many faculties, computer science, Interdisciplnary

Research: Merge 2 bodies of research


Describe OsloMet, Other Faculties and PhD in OsloMet

OsloMET is only 2 years old. I work there 4 years. We are building this area of urban marine. No biologist. I have good connections with NTNU, SINTEF, Bergen, Portugal

Access to water, collaborate with other universities

PhD with several publications a year?

Design Engineering

Working remotely: field work in Southeast Asia.

Ask the Administration

Fieldwork, big percentage

Ask Mari

Application is Sep, Interview, at least 4 months, possibly one year

Working in Oslo: teaching in Oslo


Teaching one course - probably better to focus, phD should be 100%

Professors are not involved in the selection process

Project Supervision

Recruitment Committee, evaluate CV, Project

Better to have a co-superivor Aril Bert

Above average salary

Makerspace in Oslomet is really good - success story

PhD in Design : requirement

PhD in Engineering Science

? Requirement of Science & Engineering background

Marine Robotics, OASYS finish in Aug 2021, my PhD would like to be related.

Project description should be thorough

Can change the topic - not too important.

Industrial Design

Check remote work
Check ability to spend a few hours a week on supporting my (former) employees

Dear Cesar,

I had a last minute appointment and I am not sure if I will manage 15:00. Maybe can 15:30 or 16:00.

Let me know if this would still be ok or too late

Then we could leave it for next week.

Dear Professor, thank you very much for taking the time.

I think I fit well with the research interest and I would love to work with you... but:

  • My family and research field is here in Asia
  • I need to maintain a part-time role in my company MakerBay 

I feel capable to deliver my research working remotely and I double-checked the requirements,

If you think that there is a chance that I could research remotely and maintain a few hours a week to maintain my existing business and employees, I will continue the application process. I do not want to create expectations that I would not be able keep. Years ago, I would have no children, no employees, it would have been much simpler for me... I admire your work and I would love to work with you, I hope we can make some arrangements to make it possible.

Please let me know if you would consider it.

Dear Cesar,

I understand.

I really would like to work with you, so if you have checked with administration, and its ok, I am sure we will find a solution when the time arises.

So please go ahead with application preparation if you are interested, I would gladly be main supervisor.

Best regards and have a great weekend


Thank you so much for your understanding.

I will contact Mari Devik now.

Best regards,



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