PhD Smart Floating Laboratory, Research Notes [In Progress]

PhD Smart Floating Laboratory, Research Notes [In Progress]

If the ocean dies, so do we

This is the draft for my Ph.D. Thesis "Floating Marine Laboratory". Although the administrative details of it are not yet finalized, I would like to get started now, with a sense of urgency. About a year ago, I published as a blog post the intention to restart my research and I was very lucky to talk to a number of people I deeply respect that have given me a lot to think about - they are in the "Special thanks to" Section below. The academic affiliation of this research is also a work in progress.

This is a working document so you will see it being updated over and over again. I am particularly keen to have your comments, feedback, and suggestions. I particularly appreciate criticism and suggestions of references so I can increase my rate of learning.

Table of content

Structure of the Ph.D. Thesis

  1. Introduction
  2. Design Research Practice: Past experiments
    1. Grassroots Mapping, Public Laboratory
    2. Protei
    3. Plastic Sensor
    4. Oil Spill Spectrometer
    5. Ocean Sediment micro-trawler: Radioactivity mapping
    6. Algae Bioreactor
    7. Marine Litter Detective 1: 110 Fleet
    8. Marine Litter Detective 2: 1 Sea Nettle, Biomimetic Design
    9. Ghost Net Tagger
    10. Laser Quadrat
    11. Coral Reef Mapping Robot
    12. Coral AI
    13. MakerBay 1 Kam Tin, MakerBay 2 Yau Tong, MakerBay 3 Tsuen Wan, MakerBay Foundation, MakerBay Phnom Penh, International Activities
  3. Design Study Success Stories
    1. The Human Genome Project #biology - 1990
    2. The International Ocean Station #space - 1998
    3. The Argo Ocean Drifter Network #ocean - 2000
    4. A collection of maritime projects
    5. Principles
  4. Floating Marine Laboratory
    1. Open_Sailing
    2. International Ocean Station
    3. Floating Marine Laboratory 2020
    4. Floating Marine Laboratory 2021
    5. Floating Marine Laboratory 2022
  5. Transformative Practice
    1. Ethics & Method
      1. Intellectual Property
        1. Multi Licensing
    2. Design and Engineering
    3. Financial Sustainability
      1. Environmental Data
      2. Biological Data
      3. Livestock (fish, oyster, mussels) and crop (Algae)
      4. Solar, Wind, Hydrogen Power
      5. 5G, IOT, LORA, Blockchain
  6. Observations
  7. Conclusion
    1. Design Research
    2. Speculative Design
    3. Transformative Practices
    4. Sustainable Development

Special thanks to

  1. Prof Pierre Levy, University of Eindhoven, The Netherland
  2. Prof Gilles Garel, CNAM Paris, France
  3. Dr Etienne Gernez, AHO Oslo, Norway
  4. Prof James Auger, RMIT Australia
  5. Prof Aurelie Mossé, ENSAD Paris
  6. Prof Laura Ferrarello , Royal College of Art, London, UK
  7. Prof Sophie Pene, CRI, Paris, France
  8. Prof Miles Pennington, DLX, Tokyo University, Japan
  9. Prof Gray Williams, The Swire Institute of Marine Science, The University of Hong Kong
  10. Prof David Baker, The Swire Institute of Marine Science, The University of Hong Kong
  11. Prof "Rajan" VENGATESEN Thiyagarajan, The Swire Institute of Marine Science, The University of Hong Kong

Focused References

Transforming practices: moving towards a transformation economy, paradigm and beyond