New website, powered by Notion and Fruition

I "move out" of Squarespace to today. Years ago I moved out from Wordpress after security issues on my blog, while being hosted on Dreamhost. For work I have been playing around with a lot of different platforms, but in my personal and professional life, I've been increasingly been using Notion to plan and execute work. And since Notion can easily "publish" work as a webpage, why not removing friction between planning, executing and publishing work?

I have also been increasingly using notion to teach at the university, finding notion wayyyyy better for student collaboration than Moodle. Sorry, Moodle - you've been great, but we have to move on.

The last missing link was domain and pretty URLs.

I looked around and found these solutions:

I looked at


I looked at Noted


These all seem good, for either 5 or 12 USD / Month. But....

I settled for Fruition, and hey. it's free with a similar feature set!


Because it's free, it requires a bit more work, but because it's open-source, I feel it's more extendable. And that's what I feel I need now.

Special thanks to Felix Wang aka Virtual Mojito for inspiration and running the Notion GMT+8 group (he's also running Notion + Fruition combo).

So, yeah, welcome to my new website. Please leave comments and let me know what you think :)