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== Cookstove: World Food Program reached out to us == 51 schools in Sudan. Looking good. Enough margin to launch next technology. Prakti Core. New stove. Fraction of the cost. 2000 USD, 200L pots. Comes with 2 pots. New design, should be 200 USD. Produced locally. Long steel bean


Education: Education kit for refugee==

  • Hydroponics session with IOM. Gisa Zippert. Standalone. Workbook, record activity.
  • Solar energy:
  • Universities: pick 4, 5 universities. Sustainability, project-based. Studios ran the University. DEW connect project and implementation. Encourage students to continue working. HKU? Imperial College? Nottingham Ningbo (Shanghai).

Better at doing good. Consulting, make CSR smarter.

Cumming, generators.