Maria Li - Tung O Trail

Plan A

Cannot deliver large in person public installation

Plan B

No more public event

Only small group

Plan C

completely online


Expedition with trail user identify themes, stories, relationships with villagers

Identify some needs, ie toilets, information panels

  1. Co Design 1: Not done yet β†’ Design a guided tour.
  2. Co Design 2: Not done yet
  3. Co Design 3: Collect visions from trail users, experts, Drawings of the different places. Went well, shows the possibilities. Generally resident ideas are blocked by government dpt. Transportation is a major problems

Oral history x 3 (need 5)

Interviews x 3 (need 4 personas)

Thematic masterplan

20 Design Principles

Scenario building

Not so much on ocean quality

Marine Traffic

Marine Biodiversity

What can you use big data for

Sha Lo Wan: art

Tai O: cultural tourism

Ecological tour

Revitalised farming in the village


Art & Cultural Events

Sea Level rise preparedness β†’ Observe trend
Extreme weather β†’ anticipate vulnerabilities

Use of Big data

Bringing big data in the real world - sign with biodiversity, historic site

Create an identity for the place, telling people's stories