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Mayurica Biswas

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Dipti Chadha dipti@storyteller-films.com Tue, Dec 22, 12:52 PM (4 days ago) to me, Mayurica

Dear Cesar,

Hope you are well. We are in the process of crafting your storyline and have some questions that will help me tell your story in the most effective manner. The questions may seem like a lot but let me share why I need this kind of detail.

'A League of Extraordinary Makers' is a 4-part series and each part will be around 50 mins. The weave of every episode is a mix of narratives of extraordinary makers who are reshaping our reality.

In terms of treatment, unlike traditional TV documentaries with a narrator or an anchor ours is sans a third voice. We follow a classic verite style and would like the makers to tell their own stories in their own words through a mix of formal sit-downs, candid conversations, archives and scenes from their own life.

Your segment will be driven by your voice and we will hear your perspective, journey, challenges, mentorship tales and way forward.

Please feel free to write out the replies or audio record, whichever you find more convenient. Thanks so much!



Formative years -

  1. What are some of your memories from your childhood that have stayed with you and shaped you?
  2. What are the defining moments of your life - could be an incident, idea, person, event?
  3. Tell me a little about your journey from dancer to designer to drones.

Love for the ocean & HK-

  1. When did you realise that this is what you want to do?
  2. Could you tell me where all you've lived and worked before you moved to HK? What were your key realisations from these cities and jobs?
  3. You could've lived anywhere in the world - why did you choose HK?
  4. What are your insights on HK and its people and society?
  5. You take on the Shenzhen and HK ecosystem?

Maker philosophy -

  1. What’s your maker story?
  2. When and how did you get acquainted with the maker movement? How do you define maker culture?
  3. You've seen it grow across regions - what are your insights and experiences?
  4. Why do you connect with it? What kind of maker are you (you said underground in our conversation - could you elaborate?
  5. What is the future of the movement? How is it changing and will change?

Protei -

  1. How did 'unreasonable at sea' happen?
  2. Can you share some big takeaways from your experience with 'unreasonable at sea'?
  3. What is protei and what inspired you to create protei?
  4. What were some of the defining moments in that journey from conception - creation?
  5. Why did you decide to keep it open source?
  6. What were some of the limitations/improvisations that you felt were needed to protei?
  7. How many reiterations has it gone through?
  8. Is the protei deployed anywhere currently? In and around HK?

Journey of invention -

  1. Could you help me with the year wise chronology of all your inventions?
  2. What is the purpose of each of them?
  3. And the key challenges and inspiration behind them?
  4. Coming together with the future generation -
  5. When did you start teaching young kids? And what was the inspiration/reason behind that?
  6. Can you tell me about a prototype you developed with kids or the kids developed that you were actually able to use?
  7. Which are some of the prototypes you're creating now along with kids? And why are children crucial participants in your mission?
  8. As an inventor - you would’ve run into hurdles over each part of the process - when you see children run into hurdles - how do you think they handle it and how is it similar or different from the way you handled it?
  9. What urged you to start makerbay? What was your mission and how much of that have you achieved?

About you -

  1. What have been some of your failures?
  2. What do you consider your biggest successes? Who are some of the other people who are an important part of your journey and what you do?
  3. Which are the inventions that are closest to your heart and why?
  4. Could you give me a sense of a typical day in your life? (I can plan our visual sequences around this.)
  5. You could've been a dancer or a designer with a company - why did you choose to become an ocean environmentalist?
  6. What is your vision/hope for your work and its impact? And what according to you is the future of society?

Filming related qs -

  1. Which of your products/prototypes would you want to see featured in this series?
  2. What is open sailing? What is the status now - is there a physical prototype? I read that you were going to launch the first open sailing into the sea next year? Can we film that?
  3. Are there images/videos you can share to help me understand what it looks like?
  4. What project are you working on currently? What aspect/process can we film?
  5. I was going through your blog and came across BGCA Bradbury - could you please share what you are collaborating with them?
  6. I noticed a lot of storyboards in your talks - do you draw them yourself?
  • - Dipti Chadha

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