Kitty Lee's Jewelry dreams


So Kitty - and that's true for everyone...

== First, I'll speak from the perspective of the company == The whole world is going through a pandemic. Many people are getting sick, many people are dying. Many companies are closing, many people are losing their jobs, in rich countries, poor countries. You may not feel it personally, but MakerBay is also being severely affected, we have lost so many contracts.

We need to act as a team and look after each other. We all have dreams, and MakerBay is definitely a place to support your dreams. The type of dreams that MakerBay supports are the ones related to making an impact in the community. And as a company, the dreams we can realise need to support our jobs too. Maybe, I can schematise using your kind of words:

Impact invention A- Dreams: creativity, innovation B- Impact: UN SDGs, social, environmental, cultural, economic C- Sustainable: Make enough money to support and grow the company, your own job

Everyone loves your (A) creativity Kitty, no doubt about that. What we need to make sure is: before you commit your time, tools, materials, paid by the company, you need to make sure that (B) it could have an impact in the community and (C) we can make it into a business.

We all love and support your (A) dream, but you need to check (B) the demand/need or (C) if there is a business case for it. I totally want to help your A, but as a company, we need to make sure, we hit B and C. If we don't we can't operate.

== Second, I'll speak from the perspective of business development == Yesterday, I was telling you that we are going to launch the website today at 15:00. We're super proud with the sustainable fashion course you and Maria put out there - well done. I asked you to publish the textile induction on the calendar as a regular induction class. That's of capital importance. That's the basic. We see that you are maintaining the social gathering of DIYbio and cooking and having together - we believe you do that safely as you were also one of the voice to increase health and safety at MakerBay - which we're grateful for.


== Personally == I think the best would be to

#1 Deliver textile classes in person and online. Make sure your online classes are bringing revenue for MakerBay. With textile please make sure, it has an impact focus.

#2 After your Textile workshops are profitable, move onto jewellery as it seems to be a new passion of yours - which we truly encourage.