Kid4Kid Mabel, Marina


Signature event, August

Mentor, coming from corporate or NGO


It's not just about being smart, there is a lot of curriculum, transformative activities to serve the community. Character-building. Resilience. Work with coaches, psychologists.


2 days forum, Aug 25th. Spend 1h

Example 1 Rebooked

Bailey had the idea, website, business model, we just connected he with a mentor and promoted her idea.

Example 2: Indian born Hong Kong girl working on sanitary pads

From idea to implementation

What is the business model of Kids4Kids?

  • Donations
  • Grant
  • We give advice, teach theory, and do for others

? What are the metrics of success?

1h speaking : Idea lifecycle

  • 15 minutes, 1 project in detail, many more superficially.
  • 45 minutes discussion