Journal: self care

I’ve had a painful wart on my feet for 30 years.

My shoulder must have been semi-dislocated for about 15 years.

My jaw has been dislocated for 11 years.

I can’t put my foot on the ground, open my mouth, move my right arm without discomfort. I simply learnt to live with the pain.

I’ve never truly looked after my health. I have always been active so I took it for granted. But I probably should not do so. I do feel the effects of age on my body even though I am highly functional. We do have a limited amount of time in this planet and they are a few things that I would like to achieve. And that should start with looking after my body, looking after my mental health, and getting the foundation strong.

So far I feel I have been rushing things. I feel I have been in survival mode. I want to do things very well and take the necessary time to do so. The places I have lived did not really encourage me to do that. Paris, London, San Francisco, Hong Kong, are very rushed places. I would put the Netherlands Boston and New Orleans, where I did feel that sort of quieter focus. Not being in the capital city basically conveys a sense of lesser self importance and encourages one to focus on the crafts rather than trying to make oneself believe they are the center of their tiny world.

It has been truly amazing to be in Hong Kong for the past seven years. I learned a lot here. Fell in love. Built a family. Make great friends. Those things I am so grateful for.

I feel ready to move on to new things come out to a new life. But I do feel the urge to close this chapter clean and leave no negative baggages behind.

I feel our best options for