Isabelle Chabrat, Ocean 3C

Swire + Microsoft


We have a lot of waste, no one collects the data

  1. Ocean3C
  2. Smirti is doing her PhD University of York, Citizen Science
  3. Christelle Not, HKU Plastic Pollution Science. Will be a personal project (not under HKU)
  4. If I have a lot of data, I can use

    If it is one beach with timeframe

    How accurate do you need the data to be?

  5. MakerBay. Architect building the AI app.
  6. SOA Sustainable Ocean Alliance (San Francisco) , Rainbow Leung. Little seed funder. Mostly accelerator. They supported this app

3 projects have been selected

  1. Bird
  2. Plastic
  3. WWF illegal fishing, MPA monitoring

Only project will be sponsored

Budget would go to the startup (not the NGO)

? Does Microsoft want to own the data? the App?

Swire Trust (does a lot of ocean related work) partners with Microsoft AI for Good.