How love will defeat hate


I will not stop talking to you if you think and vote differently if you prioritize and wish differently if you pray differently

I will not cut our connection

I want to know more, I want to hear, every thought comes from somewhere that somewhere cannot be denied it is part of the weavings we all belong to

I know the stakes are high

And we are not being given the best example from those who are in places of power

I am scared more than anything about the division that will keep growing in all areas of our lives when we cut ourselves from those who believe differently

I will not stop talking to you because I know the dangers of isolation because feeling right will never surpass the importance of looking for truth together because I have lived a civil war

This is my religion, and my practice, and my political positioning my belief, that we do best by staying connected no matter how uncomfortable our differences may be

For the only thing that I know is that connection is fragile and vital It is the stirred big cauldron that may save us all at the end of the day