HKU Admissions, Kristof Crolla, Carlos Lau




Lowering the bar?

  • -30%


We offer 12 students positions based on interviews of DSE scores DSE equal or above 33 English above 4 3 declined the interviews (left are 9) Band B students are unlikely to choose us Students that have put BAAS in band A, they are likely to end in BAAS We have 4 JUPAS remaining and can join

We hope to get 4 JUPAS

Last year 7 offered - only 2 MIGHT join



Quota: for mainland Chinese

We can write letters if score is too low

NON JUPAS International

Minimum required

  • IB: at least 32/45
  • GCE: 16
  • SAT: 1380/2400 (School), 1400/2400 (Eric)
  • GSAT (Taiwan): 56
  • GACAO:
  • GCEAL:

We can write letters if score is too low


Drop out rate

Course Code


6236 is Design+


6004 is Architecture


6028 is Landscape

Current students

2020/08/07: 5 students are currently enrolled

30% of final accepted drop out

Design+ Courses

Summer 2020

1. Coral Reef Mapping Robot, Gallant Ho Grant in the Philippines, (12 HKU Students)

Semester 1, 2020-2021

2. DESN9001 Sustainable Leadership (90-120 students)

3. Urban Design for Refugee Camps. Work in Cox Bazaar, the world's largest refugee camp. Architecture elective for Master students. #Urbanisation, Habitation.

Semester 2, 2020-2021

4. DESN1001 Idea. #A Refugee Camp Design. #Food production and distribution / Resilience
5. MArch "Floating Marine Laboratory" #Ecology #Sustainability
6. Sustainable Leadership Award (500 students)
7. Common Core Course (TBC requires application in Nov)

Summer 2020

8. Urban Design for Refugee Camps. Gallant Ho Grant
9. Coral Reef Mapping Robot, Gallant Ho Grant


Tools grant
Teaching Development Grant
Gallant Ho Grant

Course Discussion

Representation (Kristof)

  1. Draw
  2. Photoshop
  3. 3D
  4. 1000 versions through Grasshopper
  5. Wood
  6. Steel

Not a design project - but around design techniques

DESN2002 Data for interdisciplinary innovation (Kristof)

  1. Rhino
  2. Grasshopper hardcore

Cesar Actions

Send Kristof all my Representation course Material (20190829 Curriculum,
Ask for Vickie Tse DCP, DESN1001 Ideas, DESN1002 Representation
DESN2003 Research for innovation (6 credits) - Does the DCP Exist, who is going to teach it? Do we (Kristof and Cesar) need to prepare the DCP?
Can we submit DCP for second semester towards the end of First semester
DESN1003 Design+ Studio 1: Ideation(1) (6 credits)
DESN2003 Research for innovation (6 credits)
CARC9001 Practical Chinese for Architecture and Landscape students (6 credits)

Meeting notes

CAD REA, Conference

Elen Daeo, University Colorado, ATLAS Institute