Hero Journey, Collective Journey, Jeff Gomez



So, while the Hero’s Journey functions as an engine driving the survival of the fittest (both physically and ideologically), in the modern, crowded and hyper-accelerated world of pervasive communication this process is becoming antiquated, and in some cases divisive, polarizing, and enormously dangerous.

The reason the Collective Journey model is coming into prominence all around the world is because self-expression, self-organization, and mutual empowerment have become the most dynamic hallmarks in digital age. The Hero’s Journey model has always reinforced the distinction between the real and the imaginary. You are the audience who exist in reality, this is the story which is demonstrably fictional. You can easily discern the artifice. The imaginary relates to our lives through theatrics and metaphor. In the Collective Journey, there is a very different relationship between the imaginary and reality. With each share, there is added context from the sharer, which lends endorsement and authenticity to the story.