Eric Schuldenfrei - Conversation & Improvement

Thank you for taking the time to have this conversation

I acknowledge

  • You have a lot on your plate
  • I love my job teaching
  • I respect you and your work ethics very much

Trust & Respect

  • External Practice
    • Joined HKU, the deal is that I have an external practice

      At MakerBay I hired a CEO, but the company cannot run 100% without me.

      I focus on delivering the work


    • Ivan
    • Heidi
    • William
    • Carlos

Not response, but analytical

  • Part time: Fully committed, 39h - expectation,
  • Fractional:
  • Full time:

Carlos, low pay, low experience,

Admission tutor

β†’ Possible to convert foreign grades in local equivalent? Maybe

β†’ Possible to look at the same file on the cloud? Yes

Make sure fresh hours - 1h for HKU.

Broken Awkward Communication

3 occurrences when the communication

  • Last meeting with Kristof, Kristof is now recruitment lead - HE told me
  • Retreat when you
    • Design - everyone loose interest, look at their phones
    • Apologize, and "give it a few years and it will get better"
    • Announced that Kristof is now the new lead of the course - YOU DID NOT TELL ME THAT Overall it came across either you communicate design to be an inferior profession Or that your team (Cesar) is sub-par. Neither makes you look good.
    • >> Criticizing myself

  • Re-design of the course, I was talking about the experience of last year, and you cut me saying "Kristof comes with decades of experience (and you don't)"
  • Kristof graduated in 2007 Master of AA

    Cesar teaches Master in 2007 at the School of Architecture of Versailles. In 2009 Cesar won the Ars Electronica Golden Nica, lectures at MIT and the Barbican Center, taught AA Summer course in 2016.

  • Mars Minds and Body Interfaces: select 3 projects, you just did not respond to 3 times I asked the question. Kristof told me you think the work is not god enough - please say it.

Threats are counterproductive β†’ Open communication

Ignore, publicly humiliate β†’ Foster trust

So that we all feel respected, and do our best

Quality of the Course

  1. Selection of students: Take those who have Design as first choice.
  2. Schedule: prioritize design.
  3. Promise: Focus on Design, don't promise they will study design and become architects, because they won't care about design
  4. Budget: Give them design education. Syllabus of the "Representation course" : 15K/year for tools and materials (we spent 22K last year) that's not enough.
  5. Teacher: hire designer
  6. External Reviewer: hire designer (originally, you enlisted only architects

>> Architecture is PM

>> To get tools, we need to write grants. Or external funding.

Going forward

  1. Time management and mindset
  2. Respectful Open Communication:
  3. Quality of the course:
  4. Tool: Apply for grants
  5. Hire: part time people (2 full time , bring in people to test them)
  6. Update CV, with teaching section


Went to Helen, talking to me,



Best practice


  • Teacher failed: Art, alcoholic, drug, gay
  • Not reaching to help, parents, not asking for help
  • We're in this together, community,


  1. Summer: Gallant Ho Grant: 12 students
  2. S1: Sustainable Leadership β†’ Budget (Course 300, TDG 150, Social Science 2M)
  3. S1: Elective: Urban Design for Refugee Camps β†’ Master
  4. S2 Elective: Floating Marine Laboratory β†’ Master or Bachelor
  5. S2: Studio Ideation:
  6. S2: Sustainable Leadership Award
  7. S2: Common Core: Design

>> Correct update CV