Draft - Run of the Day, Sustainable Leadership, Day 1

Learn, Experiment (Sep 5, 6)

Saturday: Learn * Oprah *

  • AM: Open your mind. Leadership Diversity, philosophy, ethics, stories
    • (15) Pre Questionnaire: β†’ Menti, wordcloud
    • (15) Introduction by Cesar.
      • How special the course is
        • Only program together BASc, maker friend
        • Get to know about Climate Change and the leadership we need
        • Learning about leadership by doing leadership - working together - do real stuff, there will be struggle, this is part of the game
        • Working on real projects with real campus partners - be prepared to get your hands dirty
        • There's an award at the end of this - money to implement these projects, and an opportunity to win a title
        • Within your first year, do real projects, make friends, and have a lot of exposure
      • Be prepared
        • This will be extremely collaborative - using tools like Notion and Mural - with a high level of transparency and accountability
        • Autonomy - initiative - practising leadership
        • Tap into your field of interest and anchor projects in your specialty areas - you are required to apply your skills or develop the skills you'd like to develop - in real-life application
        • You don't need qualifications to go and do shit.
        • The scientific process is failing us in this time of exponential emergency.
      • Process
        • Open innovation - three stages
        • Today's plan, tomorrow's plan
    • (15) Ice breaker (BASc Society): β†’ Mural: What does leadership means to you?
    • [BREAK - 3 MIN]
    • #Leadership as devotion, parenting (25) Mother: Deepa Gupta (life parenting coach, Harvard), Chicky Bhavnani (CEO of MakerBay), Sheetal Dalal (lost her son)
    • (10) Mural: What are you hearing, feeling, what traits are you noticing: of leadership do you see here? What are you connecting with on a personal level? What makes an extraordinary leadership. Practice listening.

      [BREAK - 5 MIN - Get up and walk around the room, grab a snack]

    • #Team Spirit, struggle: (25) Laurel Chorr : Rugby National Team, talk about leadership. Talk with Captain. Coach. Journalist covered protests, interview Democracy Leader.
    • 15 MIN BREAK-OUT GROUPS: When did you..? Share stories of leadership.
    • #Environment, politics: (20) XR 11 years old talk to the Local Elect Paul Zimmerman
      • (10) Open Sessions Q&A Session
        • Write
    • [BREAK - 10 MIN - Stretch break]
    • #Thought Leadership (20) Tom Barry & Dr. Margaret J. Burnett: . Academic Presentation & Discussion
    • (15) Breakout, reflect

Lunch (2 h) Pollination event - 3 people per room, multiple rooms, no agenda, optional

  • PM: *National Geographic *
    • #National Security risk: Sam Inglis & Kim Salkeld: Climate change and the reality of the future we face - shifting to "green" lifestyles are not enough
    • #Complexity, Diversity, Resilience, AI Futurism: Sherry Wong & Mauro Martino, ethics, Design City, community, work, family
    • #Collective Intelligence: Piya Muqit & Ian Holiday (Pre-recorded)
    • [BREAKOUTS - 20 MIN]
    • #Social Sustainability: Garry Turner & Jeffrey Andrews (First non Chinese social worker in HK). Regenerative leadership, social sustainability. Thinking about the future
    • #Right To The City: Vanessa Cheung & Mita Radhakrishnan "The right to the city" Who owns, who designs, who uses the city. : Who owns, who designs, who uses the city.
    • [BREAKOUTS - 20 MIN]
    • #Network Leverage Point (25) Samantha Suppiah + Maggie Lin: How do we affect the change that we want to see? City, Community, Urban Planning, Yoga... What's meaningful, purposeful in your own life career. Notice the environment you are in.
    • #Meta Levels, Cesar. Closing β†’ Mural, reflecting individuals acting within their ecosystem
    • (15) Post Questionnaire: The session changed my perspective what leadership can be

      How does leadership connects to sustainability

Sunday Experiment

  • AM: Sustainable Challenges
  • PM:
    • Design Thinking
    • Concepts 20 teams
    • Post Questionnaire: I did not know I could come up that many ideas on an important topic, and with new people

Prototype (Oct 10)

Ego at the door, dissolve groups, reforming groups, be agile and problem and solution-focus

  • Problem and solution-focused
  • Questionnaire: I understand myself more as a leader. I understand my strength and my shortfall

Proposal (Nov 14)

Stand, listen, adapt

  • Story-telling, Strategy,
  • "There is not one thing that's going to work [...] the process can make it work. [...] What have we done, why it did not work. What's our proposition, why we think it could work."

    Pitch is a one-shot, but to get the project going, it will be an ongoing discussion.


Mural: leaders at the beginning

Menti Word cloud: What is leadership to you

Notion for collective Intelligence

Mural: leaders at the end