Digital Yuan DC/EP - learning about


I was looking into investing in the digital Yuan .... But, what's the digital Yuan (or DC/EP - same thing)?

This is about Digital Yuan being implemented in Hong Kong / Greater Bay - basically trying to keep HK relevant as a gateway for the Chinese economy to the World.

Trying to see how it would look like to buy Digital Yuan, I fell pray to this

As I was trying to get into buy some of the Digital Yuan, I was pulled into this platform- automatic redirect: And a guy called me from Cyprus from a nightclub with the music banging in the back... What a disaster. So, for the short term, overseas buyers will not be able to access the digital yuan. The date to look for in terms of how trialing the currency has rendered it fit for commercial, and potentially wider, even international use, appears to be at the earliest, sometime in 2024 or 2025. Then things could get really interesting.

So for what I understand, the Digital Yuan is not necessarily a great investment now as it is not really traded anywhere yet at scale. It is great for the businesses in China that are accumulating payments and storing DC/EP - but I cannot buy it on the crypto exchange - as far as I can see.