David Salomon, Pelagic Systems, Good Machine


Pelagic System Country sign up Put it on all the boats Thousands of vessels 1000 boats National Security Data

Drifter Solar panels, triangular

Ghost net I would add temperature pointing down Proposal for ocean plastic - with 500 units Vacuum Casting Machine

Coral Reef Restauration Use multiple GPS + multibeam sonar Liquid Robotics, has 3 GPS

Robot to plant coral

His robot can plant 8000 corals in a day

A diver plant 100/day (3 dives, 30 corals per dive, 1 coral in 2 minutes)

Ocean Park Coral Restoration work Plastic

>> 500 Drifters

>> Ocean Park Coral Restoration Kids produce produce coral, we plant them Coral takes a year to grow, 30cm tall, branching Accelerated growth Education

Good machine

Pelagic System