Crypto Earning % APY Comparison: Blockfi, Celsius, NEXO [Updated 2021/04/27]

I was asked by several people who want to get into crypto "how come there is such a high %APY, even for stable coins (crypto version of fiat currencies - USD, EUR, GBP...)?"


Positions summary

  1. Best if you want to earn high interest on a few coins (earn BTC on BTC, if you have less than 1 BTC): Blockfi. Use my referral code. Double-check the earning rates of Blockfi. I keep about 50% there.
  2. Best if you want to earn a lot of NEXO (which is appreciating fast) and you are based in Europe: NEXO. Use my referral code. Double-check the earning rates of NEXO. I keep about 5% there.
  3. Best if you have a lot of currencies and want to earn a piece of the company earnings: CEL. Use my referral code. Double-check the earning rates of Celsius. I keep about 5% there.
  4. I keep 15% active in trading accounts and online wallets.
  5. I keep 15% active in staking projects and launchpads.
  6. I keep 10% on offline wallet.

That distribution will definitely change over time.


UPDATE April 27, 2021. Blockfi APY rates has fallen (see blow) and the transactions are super slow and expensive (can take up to 3 days to make a simple transfer - why even be in crypto?). I missed many critical trades because Blockfi is so slow. I'm moving most of my crypto to 1. ETH is, 2. BTC and other big caps in Celsius, 3. Dabbling in Liquidity Providing in Uniswap, Beefy.Finance, Binance BETH/ETH and more).

My strategy and distribution

  1. Blockfi: I keep <1 BTC, <100 ETH, my LINK and most of my USDT on Blockfi, which is about 50% of all my portfolio. I love the Blockfi ability to trade on the platform instantly, so this is how I take profit and buy dips on BTC and ETH. I hate Blockfi slow withdrawal time and the fact that it takes a week to whitelist and address. Most of my ETH2.0 is staked with a 20% APY on Binance BTW, HODLING for the long term. I use Blockfi to ramp my fiat and distribute from there. Usually offloading ETH on my Metamask to invest in alts on Uniswap and lower caps on Binance. I have other crypto staked on native wallets, and some earning on Binance.
  2. NEXO: All the coins that are not listed on Blockfi or Celsius, I put on NEXO (True USD, DAI / MCDAI, HUSD, XRP, Stellar, BItcoin Cash, EOS, TRON, Binance, EUR (Fixed Term)). NEXO just improved its exchange.
  3. CEL: CEL, True CAD, True HKD, True GB, SGA, DASH, xAUT, ZRX, XLM, OMG. I don't really keep GUSD there (because I keep my USDT on Blockfi where I earn 9.3% APY and have good mobility).

I keep my "eggs" in several baskets, even if the APY is not the best, just to mitigate the possibility of a hack on any platform. I even keep some totally offline, doing "nothing".

I haven't got enough experience in DEFI, yield farming, providing liquidity or lending yet, but for those who want to earn a stable interest rate on your crypto, in a centralized way (read "not my keys, not my crypto"), that can be a good option that's reminiscent of the traditional banking system, with much higher APY. I must disclaim I have no experience leveraging, options, doing arbitrage, and beginning on launchpads so still a lot to learn! Nothing close to an expert!

PS 1: Given that the USD stable coins are indexed on the USD, I would prefer to shield my savings from USD inflation - but now USD stable coins have the most liquidity... If I find an Asian, Southeast Asian stable coin with good liquidity, I would rather use that as "reserve currency" for my personal savings.

PS 2: is not available to my jurisdiction (Hong Kong) so I did not include it in my comparison. Check rates, and let me know where it's competitive. I hear it's spectacular!

I got a bag of CRO just in case becomes available where I live one day - or we move. Credit card looks like it's the best. Nexo Credit Cards looks good. Looks like I will never receive my Blockfi Credit Card, I'm not moving at all in the waiting line.

image Earnings


NEXO, Blockfi, Celsius Earnings

PS 3: If you want to earn in either NEXO or CEL, here is how these two coins are growing.


NEXO picked up late but it's growing very aggressively in the last 3 months. CEL has been growing in steps, more slowly, but surely.

Over 1 Y, CEL APY is 6332% VS NEXO 3696%. Insane.

On a different note: "BlockFi remains one of the few retail-focused interest-earning platforms that is also domiciled in the United States, regulated under US law, and that's also institutionally backed and doesn't have a utility token. That's important–we play by the rules, to the benefit of our company and our clients."


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UPDATE Apr 27, 2021: Blockfi Updated rates as of May 1, 2021 (not good news) - I'm moving most of my coins to Celsius and ETH to Yield.

  • BTC 6% → 5%
  • ETH 5.25% → 4.5%
  • LINK 5.5% → 4.5%
  • LTC 6.5% → 5.5%
  • PAXG 5% → 4%

UPDATE Apr 27, 2021: Dabbling in Liquidity Providing (LP)

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