"Collapsible Ladder" Coral Reef Mapping Robot

Next Design

Needs to address all the issues from previous design "V-Ladder"

Coral Reef Mapping Robot - "V Ladder"

Order parts

Parts take time to arrive. What cannot be bought from off the counter? That's what we need to get first.

For instance, the PixHawk - do we need to order one?

One engine did not go. That needs to be tested urgently. If one engine is dead, we might need to get a new one - or replace with the other robot engine...

Buy in person

The collapsible tent poles - but do they have enough stock?

I bought them at Backpacker, Located in: Chung Kiu Commercial Building. Address: Mong Kok, Shantung Street, 47-51號, Chung Kiu Commercial Building, 1604室 Phone: 6675 7254


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