Christina Tang

20200821 Christina Tang Entrepreneurship 37:00 What we do, 38:30 HKU, 2016, give people data, transparency. Started in New College. 30:20 Data changes my perspective 43:20 training, education, award, creative pith competition 45:30 Pushback, IT office, Real Estate, Communication, security, safety, standard, communication is key, appealing, aligning 48:35 Challenge 1: turnover every year. Challenge #2 plans need to be changed. Air quality because of pandemic. 51:10 High performance building. 1. Well building of users. Air quality, productive. 2. Sustainability, 3. Management: secure, easy to manage. 54.20 a fan is 20x Stake? Why is it important? 55:00 Why work it matters. protecting that. Actions speak louder than words. 59:27 find smarter people, as a leader, catalyst, really smart people. Serving larger objective. Checking your ego at the door. You're not making a case for yourself. Can debate frankly and openly. Speak truth. As leader you want to see others to be leaders too. Coach them, help them to thrive. Humility, comes from the confidence that it's ok not to know.