Central Saint Martins, Kristof Crolla, Paul De'Ath


Nick Program Director, Ma Design Course. Exchange program. Ceramic Industrial Design.

Paul De'Ath, 6 years

Yoon: 2 years

500 students. Unde

Materiality, process of design, materials. Crafts, industry,


International Development

  1. Timing: typically in the second year (we are in the 4th year)
  2. Learning outcomes - need to match their learning outcomes
  3. UK Model - we need to show that we are not 100% American, but also kinda British
  4. Placement between 2nd and 3rd year. Learning outcome, 20 weeks. Report. Separate diploma. In parallel of studies. Placement are usually from the beginning of Oct to - End of June. working with local HK or Greater bay Innovative companies

Change of location. Shift of focus. social direction, entrepreneurs, access to finance, technical, industry, lots of graduates in HK, Design Thinking in the region, over the border. (Tencent, ) Broad thinking, critical practitioners, Understanding sociological, technological circumstances (common in Architecture, less so in Design) - working with industries and NGOs - good track record. Very outward-looking. Manifesto.


  1. Master in Industrial Design. Sep 2024 - 2026.