BASc Design+ Forging Futures Exhibition Video Script
BASc Design+ Forging Futures Exhibition Video Script

BASc Design+ Forging Futures Exhibition Video Script

There are objects which designs reminds us of a past we think today as immoral. As we design the future, could we aim at using technology in moral ways?

During 2 weeks of summer 2019, 9 high school students who are interested in Hong Kong University Bachelor of Arts and Science Design+ investigated issues they feel strongly about in 3 teams.

Team 3: Peace Bao

Hong Kong residents are taking the streets asking for a more democratic governance. Tear gas, rubber bullets and soon water canons loaded with chemicals illustrate the escalation of violence. Students want to respond with peace and designed a mobile care unit, a lightweight deployable shelter for medics on the front line providing first aid for the wounded. They called it “Peace Bao”, in reference to the local delicacy.

Team 2: Persuasify

Hong Kong parents are under a lot of pressure to make sure their kids succeed in a highly competitive education system - and sometimes communication breaks down. Persuasify is a photo booth that makes children look older than their own parents. They get to have a heart to heart conversation in this time-traveling device.

Team 3: Smartco

Mobile phones can easily disconnect us from our own bodies, from others and from our environment. Recent advances in neuroscience suggest that soon we may be able to have effective two-way communication from the brain to computer. "Smartco" envisions a future beyond smartphones, a device that connects directly to our brain and visual senses, increasing our connection to our body, to others and to the environment in a seamless way.

The project was mentored by Cesar Jung-Harada in person, and high-profile international designers from abroad remotely via videoconference.

Parents interview.