Astra Nova School, Discord Invitation Document


Joshua Dahn 2:55 AM (10 hours ago) to Teddy, bcc: me

Hello! Welcome to the ASTRA NOVA NETWORK. Here are a few resources to get you started.

  1. DISCORD SERVER. I highly recommend joining the Discord server []. Discord allows you to share ideas and connect with the 500+ other educators, homeschoolers, school leaders, professionals, and students in the NETWORK. The #welcome and #faq channels will help you get started.
  2. SYNTHESIS CONTENT. I created these project examples over six years of running Ad Astra School (now Astra Nova) in Los Angeles, California. Please humbly accept that some of these were experimental one-off projects that have not been revisited in years. I will continue to add content as I create it. You can find the password to access to the SYNTHESIS CONTENT on the final page of the attached document. A note to educators: these work examples are meant to help you create your own compelling content relevant to the population you work with. Think of these as templates, not end products.
  3. SYNTHESIS SCHOOL. One of the great benefits of Synthesis class at Astra Nova is working through the puzzles/simulations/games with a motivated team of students. Synthesis School [] aims to re-create that experience in 9-sessions with students from around the world. The first game is called Constellation and cohorts start in September.
  4. ASTRA NOVA SCHOOL. If you are interested in learning more about Astra Nova, we will continue to update our website as more opportunities become available. We run an in-person experimental school in Los Angeles for 45 students between 3rd and 8th grade, we also have around 64 single-day students from around the world who participate in an online program called AAOL, and we share our work through Conundrums (a partnership with ClassDojo) and the NETWORK (in partnership with our members).

Warmly, Joshua Dahn Founder, Astra Nova School Former Head of School and Co-founder, Ad Astra