20200901 Physio-Chiro appointment

I enquired for 3 physio

  1. Dr. Benjamin Bluestein:
  2. http://sportandspinehealth.com/https://sportsandspinal.hk/therapists/franklin
  3. lam/https://www.rinspinecenter.com/https://www.rinspinecenter.com/

Hello My name is Cesar. I'm a French-Japanese male, living in HK for the last 7 years. I would like to take a first appointment for general physio/chiropractic "maintenance"/adjustment. I'm 36 years old, about 80 kg, vegetarian, overworked. I'm COVID19 free and I have not travelled for a long time.

== Request for appointment == Date: Monday sep 7 or Tuesday sep 8 Time: Anytime. I'm taking 2 days off and hope to look after myself a bit.

== Current discomfort == [Mild] Lower back stiffness [Light] Asymmetry in shoulder range [Episodical] Jaw locking

== Pre-existing conditions == [Serious] Multiple fractures to the jaw in Judo competitions and boxing [Mild] Lower rib fracture and liver puncture in Judo competition and boxing [Light] Left wrist damage in bicycle truck accident [Light] Injury to the skull (forehead) and neck in construction works, long time ago

Please let me know if you could meet me anytime Monday sep 7 or Tuesday sep 8. I am happy to stretch and rest before and after the session if advised. I'm flexible with time. Please announce a rough price figure for a first visit - appreciated. Thank you very much.

Cesar | contact@cesarharada.com | +852 9610 7593 (can be joined by WhatsApp)