Makin + Cesar, “to PhD or not to PhD?”



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20220109 Making to PhD or Not to PhD?

“There is something… that I like, that is valuable”

What is it that I am interested in? Multiple questions?

Why am I interested in this?

Question (open ended): How to put energy into artwork?

Hypothesis (I think this might be right): Is Intuition a bridge between the unknown and something I can actually express?

So far I was doing work, without thinking, intuitively.

Can I code into creation

Dissolving conflict in the relationship. The pattern is coming again. People can perceive it. How can I prove it

If I can prove the energy than people would “buy into it”.

I want to find out what it is, this energy that’s contained in the work.

I need to find a pattern

I need to develop my own language

I want to understand the technique to channel the talents of also other people to grow their brands, reach more people.

“It’s important, because if I don’t do it, something else I don’t like is happening”


“Ok, who’s working on this?”

  1. Google
  2. Google Scholar
  3. Interview
    1. Grant braden “Engineering of praying”
    2. Nina Jan Beier

You would start to build a small bibliography this way.

When you start to have more than 10

Who are the people working on that stuff and do I agree or disagree with it?

Do I think (even slightly) differently from them?

Am I interested in this area? Is it valuable for me to research this area (even if I didn’t create anything new)?

Can I identify someone I would be interested in working with? PhD supervisor?

Read a few people you start to read more

Try to reach out to these saying you are interested in Phd Supervisor?

“PhD nipple” in the context of human knowledge

Rostropovich cello performance in front of the Berlin Wall

Am I ready to spend 3 to 6 years with them? What is in for me? What is in there for my supervisor?

What about the money? Is it sustainable for me to do it?


France: I pay 500 Euro / Year. if I lived in France, i would be paid 1200EUR / month

UK RCA: I would have to pay 18,000 GBP / year for 3 years

HK: You can get paid 20,000 HKD / month

In Hong Kong



You will want to start to organise your data

#1 to build your bibliography - and connect to google docs

#2 to socialise with other nerds….

#3 to accelerate your research

I showed you but if you want to go in the science of network, it’s

Working document of Makin

Bashar on Abundance and Trusting What Is

More about Bashar

Gregg Braden  (Engineer of Pray)


Book: The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy

Channeling Erik

Son committed suicide, mom found presence of passed away son, Erik, she found medium to connect with his son and build a community of followers to spread message from the other side of the world through the teaching from Erik.


Shamanic view on Mental illness

Water, Consciousness & Intent

Dr Masaru Emoto

How consciousness directly affects our universe

Ronald Weinstock

Open University of Alternative Medicines is formed as CUG Level Prophetic Medicine University.



Book: You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

Rice Experinmemt

>> Summary (description): He did 30 years about mind and heart coherence. Similar to intuition, “Open up and listen”. He meditated on peace. Climate drop. Data-backed.

>> Comment (reflection): because he’s scientific-based. He’s promoting something society is not accepting YET. The way he is doing is current. His theory is now becoming more accepted. He’s built the bridge with evidence. But still “he hears voices” but “he’s talking about data, and uses data”. I think that’s positive. Reality is coming from you. You put out a belief, and you make it happen. He is result-driven. He wants people to heal themselves. He’s teaching the techniques to people to help themselves AND MANY PEOPLE BENEFIT. Frequencies, miracles. “Tap into that frequency”. He can re-create certain frequencies. He proves through repetition. “80% of participants can get into that frequency”.

>> Critique: what is missing.

Simulation Theory

Tuning In - Spirit Channelers In America

(Full Length)

In the video mentioned a hand full of Spiritual channelers. I personally resonate to Bashar and Kyron. I have spent endless time to listen to both of their channelling dialogue on youtube. It really helped me to understand a different perspective in physical reality.