Green hospitality



  1. Lucianne
  2. Lucia
  3. Aurianne
  4. Cesar

Grant Foundation 3.5 people on the team Green Tech Public engagement events Hospitality Hackathon Circular economy

Waste into products

  • Textile - RITA, The Mills
  • Packaging - Brinc, Sonalie
  • Food -

Sometimes it is not about the innovation, but how to make it happen in the Hong Kong context

Awards Internship for Mills Fabrica



  1. Feb 14 or 15th, we’d love an
  2. Sat Feb 26, hackathon
  3. March 3rd evening

Workshop for students

→ Cesar and Aurianne propose to do the workshop in person at MakerBay

→ Aurianne: we had 25

→ Lucianne & Lucia: online Design Thinking is optional. 75% students, 25% professional

? How do you define if Design Thinking is a “core” or “optional” activity?

→ We are basically paying our own staff, yet we want to make these other workshops attractive. We can say one person in the team has got to participate.


No budget allocated

Unless we get sponsors


Their network to connect with hospitality people

Introduce our services and products

We can organise a focus group with hospitality industry

Right now we have only 2 government projects - very slow and rigid.

We’re looking to build a membership program

We can use MakerBay to upsell

Other project with double-charging scheme

EDP grant

Waste segregation, in Soho and Central, several restaurants

How to measure waste

How to segregate

Focus on a cluster

Big data,

Behavior change

Make recommendations for EPD

Grant under HKU Knowledge Exchange

? Do you already have these creative solutions?

  • Bins
  • Stickers
  • Air table
  • We have our own IP software for easy tracking of waste management app.

Limited budget, so we’ll use some simple tech

We are working with the green bins guys


? Which are the most progressive people in the hospitality? What are they struggling with? What are funding?

Industry is not willing to pay anything

They are more willing to pay

Developers have more money. They are listed. They need to fund with ESG obligations. Now when they do retrofitting, they educate their tenants. Real estates are funding

  • how to design their kitchen, in F&B

Shopping malls are moving faster. They would contract us as consultants.

Some high profile projects that have visibility

  • Peninsula

There are the biggest leaders. With the pandemic, we’ve been knocking on the doors. Industries are struggling.

Mental health, social trial with 5 hotels groups.

Follow up

→ Aurianne: How much we would want to charge?

→ Promotion of the event with our community?

Cesar: if it can help to build / buy a partnership