"A League of Extraordinary Makers" Documentary CNA (Singapore) coming out in March 2022


'A League of Extraordinary Makers' is a four-part documentary series that chronicles and celebrates the maker movement in Asia and beyond. Created by Dipti Chadha, Storyteller Films, the series is scheduled to air in March 2022 on Singapore's Channel NewsAsia (CNA).


The idea is to capture the spirit of making through the extraordinary narratives of makers in their many avatars - hobbyists and tinkerers, inventors and entrepreneurs, artists and coders, designers and problem solvers, mentors, and change-makers. 

Set against the backdrop of different regions and economies it chronicles the evolution of the maker movement and how despite being in its 20s, it continues to shape the way we learn, design, work, trigger social change and prepare for the future.

The first season of the series features:

Each narrative interweaves maker ideas that are in some way reinvigorating the past, reshaping the present, and reimagining the future.

Big thanks to Hillian Siu for making this happen

The poster above is NOT the official visual - just a placeholder by Cesar Jung-Harada. Below original file

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